Sunday, August 16, 2015

ADSS 1.98, 99: no news on alleged Axis Peace Proposal

ADSS 1.98 Paolo Giobbe, Holland, to Luigi Maglione, Sec State.

Reference: Telegram 20 (19) (AES 5415/39)

Location and date: The Hague, 16.08.1939.

Summary statement: Asks for information about a peace project.
Language: Italian


Some newspapers publish that Mussolini and Hitler have sent a Message to the Holy See to intervene with other interested States to settle the international issues that now threaten peace.

The Foreign Minister (1) requests that I ask confirmation of the news of if it is at least possible to give some information about it. (2)

Please send instructions by telegram.

(1) Eelco Nicolass Van Kleffens (1894-1983), Dutch Foreign Minister 1939-46.

(2) ADSS 1.97.

ADSS 1.99 Luigi Maglione, Sec State, to Paolo Giobbe, Holland.

Reference: Telegram 9 (AES 5415/39)

Location and date: Vatican, 17.08.1939.

Summary statement: The Holy See has not received any truce project.

Language: Italian


I have received your coded telegram Number 19.  Holy See has not received document either from Italy or Germany. (1)

(1) ADSS 1.97.

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