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ADSS 1.85: Maglione notes on meeting with Italian Ambassador

ADSS 1.85 Luigi Maglione, Sec State, notes.

Reference: AES 4385/39 - handwritten

Location and date: Vatican 07.07.1939

Summary statement:  Repeated to Pignatti that France and UK have decided to go to war if Hitler wants to settle the issue of Danzig by force.

Language: Italian


By order of the Holy Father I repeated (1) this morning to the Italian Ambassador (2) that Great Britain and France are firmly determined to declare war on Germany at the first German attempt to settle the Danzig issue with violence.

There are still people around Hitler who cherish illusions on this point.  An error of judgement, as in 1914, would be fatal for Germany and Italy.

The Ambassador assured me that he will convey my message to the Italian Government. (3)

(1) ADSS 1.83
(2) Bonifacio Pignatti (1877-1957), Italian Ambassador to Holy See 1935-39.

(3) DDI, Series 8, Volume 12, n500, p376.  In a telegram of 07.07.1939 Pignatti repeated to Ciano the conversation with the Cardinal.  See also Ibid, n570, p429, with new details by Pignatti.

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