Friday, January 31, 2014

Pacelli's Rome 3

The Pacelli family were a devout late-Tridentine Catholic family who practised their faith through regular Mass, family prayer and devotions ordered according to the liturgical year.

The family worshipped at their parish church of St Maria in Vallicella, more commonly known as Chiesa Nuova.  Chiesa Nuova was a little more than a ten minute walk from the family home on Via Monte Giordano and, later, Via Vetrina.  The Oratorians of St Philip Neri had pastoral care of the parish and were well known by the family.  

Eugenio served Mass as an altar boy.  There is a plaque in the corridor leading towards the sacristy recording that the pope began his priestly journey at Chiesa Nuova.  The plaque was placed to commemorate the silver jubilee of Pius' episcopal ordination.

"As a child Pius XII, Pontifex Maximus, began his joyful and faithful journey to the priesthood in this church of Blessed Philip ... "

Another church that figured large in the life of the young Pacelli was the great Jesuit church, Il Gesu.  Here Pacelli would spend time in the chapel of Our Lady of the Way.

The shrine of Our Lady of the Way

The image of Our Lady of the Way

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