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Pacelli's Rome 2

The Pacelli family moved from Via Monte Giordano around 1880 to a smaller residence at 19 Via Vetrina.  The new apartment is marked with the red circle.  The move seems to suggest that the family finances were not particularly secure.  This also serves to underline the point that the Papal or Black Nobility were prepared to make considerable sacrifices rather than compromise their support for the papacy.  Savoy Italy was to remain highly suspect for families such as the Pacellis for many years.  In any event, this was to be the family home for the next 20 years.  

Some of the photos here were taken in 2000 during a field trip to Rome.  I re-photoed the images on my digital camera and forgot to delete the date!  One day I will read the instructions for the camera.

19 Via Vetrina (2013)

Via Vetrina (2000)

The young Eugenio was sent to the French Sisters of Providence who ran an infants' school on Via Giuseppe Zanardelli less than a ten minute walk from the Pacelli home.

Today the school is the general office of the Conference of Italian Major Superiors (Religious Orders).

A bust of the school's most famous alumnus stands in the foyer.

After a couple of years with the Sisters, Filippo sent his sons to a private school near the Campo di Fiori for their primary education.  In a move that suggests Pacelli's parents were keen for their sons to develop awareness of the secular world of modern Italy and be able to defend their Catholic faith, Francesco and Eugenio were sent to the Liceo Ennio Quirino Visconti, formerly the Jesuit Collegio Romano, for their secondary education.

Liceo Ennio Quirino Visconti 1871 to the present
(Previously Collegio Romano 1551-1871)

Eugenio Pacelli (second row, second from the right) matriculated from high school in 1894.  This is the only photo I know of where the young adult Pacelli is wearing non-clerical attire.

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