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ADSS 8.128 Cardinal Maglione to Gabriel Apor, Hungarian Ambassador to the Holy See

ADSS 8.128: Cardinal Maglione to Gabriel Apor, Hungarian Ambassador to the Holy See

Reference: AES 6145/41

Location and date: Vatican, 10.08.1941

Summary statement: Protest against the race laws in Hungary

Language: French


The undersigned Cardinal Secretary of State has the honour to communicate to His Excellency the Minister for Hungary (1) the following:

The Holy See has been informed of the concerns of the Hungarian government in a confidential manner through His Eminence Cardinal Seredi and through His Excellency the Apostolic Nuncio in Budapest, that the Hungarian Government would present for discussion a proposed law concerning marriage to both houses of Parliament. (2)

The official proposal concerning the obligation of the medical examination before marriage and the defence of marriage between Jews and non-Jews has been approved, with slight changes, by both Houses of Parliament, despite the legitimate and explicit opposition of the Catholic bishops of Hungary.

Consequently, the undersigned Cardinal Secretary of State is obliged to express to the Hungarian government the concerns of the Holy See regarding compliance with Catholic doctrine about the Sacrament of marriage.

Indeed, in an immediate or, at least, indirect way, the two proposals, as a result of the civil law which must precede under pain of legal sanctions, hampers the celebration of marriage which is the responsibility of the Catholic Church.

It is all too obvious that these two proposals effect Catholic doctrine, as they establish impediments to the celebration of marriage and are contrary the Law of God and established ecclesiastical law.

The undersigned Cardinal Secretary of State, is obliged to convey to the Hungarian Minister these preceding remarks, but wishes to take the opportunity to express his confidence that the Hungarian Government will introduce regulations relating to matter in question, namely the mitigations and provisions capable of satisfying the requirements of Catholic conscience. (3)

(1) Gabriel Apor (1889-1969), Hungarian Ambassador to the Holy See 1939-1944.
(2) ADSS 8.95,111,114.  The law was promulgated on 02.08.1941
(3) See ADSS 8.141.

Baron Gabor [Gabriel] Apor

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