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ADSS 3.2.530 News of Diongi Kajetanowicz

We saw in ADSS 3.2.507 (24.04.1943) news of the arrest, based on an anonymous denunciation, of the Armenian Vicar Capitular, Dionigi Kajetanowicz.  On 12 July 1943, the Latin rite bishop of Lvov, Boleslao Twardowski, wrote to Cardinal Maglione to inform him that Kaketanowicz had been freed and had since gone into hiding.  The basis of the denunciation lay in a Hebrew inscription found in one of the parish registers.  

This level of persecution was common in Eastern Europe but quite rare in the West.

ADSS 3.2.530 Boleslao Twardowski (Lvov) to Maglione

Reference: AES 6527/43

Location and date: Lvov, 12.07.1943; arrived Rome 05.11.1943

Summary statement: Dionigi Kajetanowicz, Armenian Vicar Capitular, has been released and gone into hiding.

Language: Latin


In response to the letter of Your Eminence of 19 May 1943, number 2970/43 concerning Monsignor Dionigi Kajetanowicz, the Armenian Vicar Capitular in Lvov, I wish to replay the following: the priest was imprisoned in April of this year because it was said the there was a Hebrew inscription in one of the parish registers. (In our region church registers for baptism, marriages and deaths have the same status and authority as civil registers.)  After a couple of weeks, Monsignor Kajetanowicz was released from prison.  He has since gone into hiding.

(1) See ADSS 3.2.507. 

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