Sunday, September 30, 2012

Justus Lawler responds to Kevin Spicer and Co.

Earlier this year I wrote two entries about Kevin Madigan and David Kertzer in response to the attacks made on them and their work by William Doino and George Justus Lawler.  In May 2012, Kevin Spicer wrote a review of Lawler's book "Were the Popes against the Jews?"  

Lawler has recently published a 37 page response to Spicer, Kertzer and others.  It is not easy reading and does nothing to suggest I need to revise my earlier opinion of Lawler's writing.  Simplicity and directness are not part of Lawler's writing style, a point echoed by Paula Kane in her review of Lawler's book (page 13).  Interestingly Kane and others also echo the criticisms of Lawler's scholarship and historical acumen made by Kevin Spicer.

The interested reader can read the article here - Justus Denied in Massachusetts.

My main reason for mentioning Lawler's response to Spicer is to note that "I get a guernsey".

As the "unnamed blogger" discovered by Ursula Zyzik, an associate librarian at St Xavier University, Chicago, I am somewhat honoured to have warranted the space Lawler devotes to me (see pages 19-20).  I only hope that Lawler will revise his text to include my name, which can be found easily enough on the blog - one only has to look at the book cover on the homepage!  I also added my family name to the homepage as well.

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