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ADSS 9.196 Maglione to Burzio on Slovak Jews

Throughout May 1943 there was still no concrete assurance that the threat of deportations had been lifted.  The Vatican continued to apply pressure on Tiso's government and exploit the divisions within the inner-circle of the cabinet.  What these documents illustrate for us is the extent of activity of the pope's diplomatic teams both in Slovakia and in Rome as the next post will demonstrate.

ADSS 9.196 

Secretary of State, Cardinal Maglione to Giuseppe Burzio, charge d’affaires, Bratislava.
Reference:  AES 3084/43

Location and date:  Vatican, 23.05.1943

Summary statement: Situation of the Jews in Slovakia.
Language: Italian

I have received your Excellency’s regular report of 10 April 1943 with the attachments, number 1558 (1) which was entitled “Concerning the deported Jews”.

I have read with interest the comprehensive and detailed information you kindly provided and I am please that your Excellency’s account of your actions in attempting to alleviate the suffering of so many unhappy people in such painful circumstances.

I do not doubt that you will continue to work to try and ensure that the deportation of non-Aryans remains suspended.

Finally, I ask that you continue to keep me informed on the developments on the subject (2) …

Cross references: 
(1)  See ADSS 9.147
(2)  See ADSS 9.217

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