Monday, July 2, 2012

Some light relief - "True" Catholic

The internet is an amazing place.  It is also a rather strange place where some of the odder inhabitants of the globe congregate online to vent their collective spleens over what they perceive as the ills of the world.  Pius XII has a small number of spleen venters on a web-based discussion board called "True Catholic", which is on the same level as the word "Pravda" (Russian - the truth), where truth is whatever the board members decide what it is.  There a few contributors who try to inject a level of logical and rational thought, but they tend to be howled down.

I discovered that I had been the focus of their attention over the last few days after a contributor had made positive comments about something I had said.  Among the regular posters who enjoy posting some of the most ridiculous comments about me are a Catholic priest (!), an expatriate opera singer, Martin Cooke, who calls himself "Exy", and a person called "John".  "John" laments that he does not know who I am.  The very, very, very patient posters called "Faz" and "Clara" have tried to help the above mentioned posters in learning something about me, but to no avail.  Evidently the publicly available material on me and my work has not made it to the True Catholic part of cyber-space.

If a reader would like to descend into the depths of this particular nether-world, this is the portal. You have been warned!

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