Saturday, November 27, 2010

Comments welcome!

The world of blogging is a learning curve for me. While having a look at the different tools etc I found that I had disabled my comments facility.  I have reset it.  I welcome comment on the posts, although I ask that people show basic courtesy to me and others. 

Comments will be monitored.  In the seven months I have been writing there have been nearly 2,000 visits to the blog.  Thank you to those readers who have written to me with messages of support and encouragement - it is appreciated.

The sheer volume of material on Eugenio Pacelli is growing rapidly.  His pre-papal career archives are now fully available.  The number of critical studies is increasing.  There is plenty of material to keep historians and interested parties busy as we await the opening of the 1939-1958 archives.

Now it is back to ADSS volume 11 ...

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