Thursday, October 6, 2016

ADSS 1.244 Maglione to Giobbe: rumours

ADSS 1.244 Luigi Maglione, Sec State, to Paolo Giobbe, Netherlands

Reference: Telegram 16 (AES 496/40)

Location and date: Vatican, 15.01.1940

Summary statement: Rumours of an imminent German offensive against Holland or the Maginot Line (France).

Language: Italian


Received coded telegram 25 (1).  In answer to enquiry from Diplomat here reply was given that there are rumours of an offensive taking place towards the middle of February or even before either against Maginot Line or Holland.  It has been added that it is not possible to check the substance of such rumours.  Your Excellency, in giving this reply to Foreign Minister (2), should request him to handle subject with greatest circumspection.

Maglione added:

The Diplomat referred to in Monsignor Giobbe’s telegram must be the Belgian Ambassador (3).  Following instructions from his Government, he inquired on 12.01.1940 and received the exact same reply reproduced in today’s telegram to Monsignor Giobbe.

(1) ADSS 1.243
(2) Eelco van Kleffens (1894-1984), Dutch Minister for Foreign Affairs 1939-46.

(3) Adriaan van Nieuwenhuys (1877-1952), Belgian Ambassador to the Holy See 1939-46.

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