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ADSS 1.174 & 175 Giuseppe Sensi to Malgione: Pope's message to Swizterland & news of mobilisation

ADSS 1.174 Giuseppe Sensi (1), Secretary Nunciature Switzerland, to Luigi Maglione

Reference: Telegram number 45, (AES 6642/39)

Location and date: Berne, 01.09.1939; received Rome 02.09.1939.

Summary statement: Nuncio has given Pope’s message to the Government.

Language: Italian


I have communicated the Holy Father’s message contained in yesterday’s coded message. (2)

Report follows: (3)

(1) Giuseppe Sensi (1907-2001), Charge d’affaires, Nunciature Switzerland.
(2) ADSS 1.161

'(3) ADSS 1.175

Giuseppe Sensi

ADSS 1.175 Giuseppe Sensi, Secretary of the Swiss Nunciature, to Luigi Maglione, Sec State.

Reference: Report number 6678, (AES 6256/39(

Location and date: Berne, 01.09.1939

Summary statement: Report.  Federal Council, which has decided to mobilise, acknowledges the papal appeal, but given Switzerland’s delicate position, it is unable to support it.

Language: Italian


I have not failed to bring to the knowledge of the Federal Council the contents of your Eminence’s message of yesterday and of the Holy Father’s message in favour of peace quoted in it. (1) I know that the Honourable M. Motta (2) has examined it with his colleagues at the extraordinary meeting of the Federal Council which has taken place today, and during which, among other things, the general mobilisation was decided.

Soon afterwards, M. Motta called to beg me to communicate to Your Eminence that the Federal Council has taken cognisance of the noble message of the Holy Father with the greatest sympathy, and heartily associated itself with the August Pontiff’s action.  Then he gave me to understand that owing to the very strict neutrality of Switzerland and to the delicate position in which she finds herself and also to the worsening of events, the Federal Council was not, unfortunately, in a position to do anything to support the action of the Holy Father.

Finally M. Motta begged me to convey to you his warm thanks for the kind communication that Your Eminence was good enough to make to the Federal Council.

(1) ADSS 1.161
(2) Giuseppe Motta (1871-1940), Member of the Federal Council of Switzerland 1911-40.

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