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ADSS 1.138 Montini notes: Romania and Hungary

 ADSS 1.138 Montini, notes

Reference: AES 5762/39

Location and date: Vatican, 26.08.1939

Summary statement: Romanian Ambassador suggests an approach by Budapest nuncio, to bring about a Romanian-Hungarian understanding for the common defence.

Language: Italian


The Romanian Embassy (1) at the Holy See thinks that an approach of the Apostolic Nuncio (2) would be well accepted and very opportune in persuading the Hungarian authorities to come to an understanding with Romania for the common defence of their independence.  Hungary has little choice: either to put up a common front of resistance with Romania, Yugoslavia and, later, Poland, or to become a German dependency.

Lately Romania has reinforced the frontier defence with some troops: Hungary has take umbrage at this: Romania has replied that this move had no offensive character; on the contrary Romania would have liked to take advantage of this occasion to reach a settlement of the Romania-Hungarian issues.  Hungary replied that it does not negotiate under the threat of cannon. (3)

(1) Nicola Petresco Comnene (1881-1958), Romanian Ambassador to the Holy See 1939-40.
(2) Angelo Rotta (1872-1965), Nuncio to Hungary 1930-45.

(3) Domenico Tardini added the following note: “29 August 1939. The Romanian Ambassador forgets that Hungary is already bound to the Axis.  Hungary will suffer all the consequences of this, if things go well.”  It was announced in the press on 28 August 1939 that Hungary had refused a non-aggression pact with Romania stating its preference to remain alongside Germany. Courier Mail, Brisbane, 28.08.1939, p2.

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