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ADSS 1.53 Maglione notes: Mussolini a moderating influence on Hitler

ADSS 1.53 Luigi Maglione, Sec State, Notes.

Reference: AES 2992/39

Location and date: Vatican, 29.05.1939

Summary statement: Mussolini could be a moderating influence on Hitler. Maglione has urged the French ambassador to find an amicable settlement over French-Italian differences. (1)

Language: Italian


For the sake of peace it would be very helpful if the Head of the Italian Government, Mussolini, would use his great influence with Chancellor Hitler and the German Government to ensure that the Danzig question is dealt with calmly, especially on account of the very delicate international situation.

The Cardinal Secretary of State of His Holiness has, by order of the Holy Father, repeatedly recommended to the French Ambassador to the Holy See (2), to beg his Government to do everything possible to settle the outstanding issues between Italy and France by proper negotiations in a friendly way. (3)

(1) On top of this note Domenico Tardini wrote: “30.05.1939.  Today Fr Tacchi Venturi SJ was received by the Holy Father.  This note was given to him by the Holy Father to be delivered to Mussolini.”  See ADSS 1.58n1.  Tacchi Venturi makes mention of the audience with Pius XII on 30.05.1939.
(2) Andre Francois-Poncet (1887-1978), French Ambassador to the Holy See 1938-40.

(3) See ADSS 1.50.  Other communications must have taken place but no records have been found in ASV.

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