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ADSS 10.413 Cicognani (USA) to Sec State - USA unable to influence situation in Hungary

Reference: Telegram 2508 (AES 8384/44)

Location and date: Washington, 07.12.1944 @ 18.20 (Rec’d Rome 08.12.1944 @ 18.30).

Summary statement: US is unable to exercise any influence over the situation in Hungary at present, because it is a theatre of military operations, and the US has no military or diplomatic representation in Hungary.

Language: Italian


I received your telegram number 1941. (1)

The Secretary for Foreign Affairs (2) replied to my Note, saying several days ago that since the United States of America is not engaged in military operations in the Hungarian theatre, this Government cannot directly affect the Hungarian situation until it has military or diplomatic representatives.

Notwithstanding, with Note 6 of this month (3), I explained and strongly recommended to the Secretary for Foreign Affairs what Your Excellency communicated to me by telegram number 2026. (4)

As soon as I receive a reply I will make mention of it. (5)

(1) 27.10.1944 (AES 8271/44). See ADSS 10.356, n2.
(2) Edward Stettinius (1900-1949), Secretary of State from 01.12.1945 until 27.06.1945.
(3) Not published in ADSS.
(4) 04.12.1944 (AES 8088/44) Concerning the Russian occupation of Hungary, ADSS 10.411*.

(5) See ADSS 10.429.

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