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ADSS 10.318 Angelo Rotta to Secretariat of State: changing political situation in Hungary

Angelo Rotta, Hungary to Secretariat of State

Reference: Telegram 264 (AES 5962/44)

Location and date: Budapest, 05.09.1944 @ 16.06 (arrived Rome 06.09.1944 @ 17.00)

Summary statement: Information on the political situation in Hungary.

Language: Italian


The situation in Hungary has come to a head in recent weeks … authorising a change in direction. (1) The new ministry (2), has not been seen, has a Protestant majority, but it is better than the previous Ministry, the members were Germanophiles.  The Prime Minister is a Catholic, the Minister of Foreign Affairs (3) is a Protestant, and both have the confidence of the Regent.  They have made a very deferential visit to the apostolic nunciature; they did not hide the gravity of the situation, pointing to their main concern to defend the border and maintaining public order and a more moderate approach to the Jewish question, no deportation will take place.  The Jews are fearful but quiet.

(1) The pro-German government of Döme Szótjay was dismissed by order of the Regent, Admiral Horthy, on 29.08.1944 and a new government installed under General Géza Lakatos.  Lakatos’ government lasted six weeks until the Arrow Cross seized control on 15.10.1944.
(2) Nicholas Bonczos (1897-1971) remained as Minister of the Interior.
(3) Gustáv Hennyey (1888-1977). 

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