Sunday, March 16, 2014

Contemporary Church History Quarterly - March 2014

The CCHQ is a valuable resource for those of us who spend much of our time exploring some of the less pleasant aspects of church history.  The latest edition headlines with Suzanne Brown-Fleming's, public lecture:  “November 1938: Perspectives from the Vatican Archives,” The Wiener Library for the Study of Holocaust and Genocide, 23 October 2013.  Brown-Fleming is Director of Visiting Scholar Programs at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.  Her article looks at the events surrounding the Reichskristallnacht in 1938 using material from the ASV.  The lecture is detailed and well-argued. I have written to Dr Brown-Fleming asking for a copy of the notes and, in particular, details of the ASV files.

CCHQ's archive for the last quarter of 2013 also holds Jacques Kornburg's review of the proceedings of the 2009 scholars' seminar held at Yad Vashem.  I also commend it for wide reading. 

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