Monday, September 30, 2013

September 2013 - stats are at an all time high - thanks.

It's been interesting watching the statistics of the blog over the years.  Just when I thought things had levelled out at about 2000 individual page openings per month the stats went off the scale during September.  Today is the end of September and the number of individual page viewings to date now exceed 3100.  For many bloggers this probably appears in the "so what" category.  A friend who has a Greek cooking blog numbers about 2500 hits per day!  And I can't argue with that.  After all recipes for Gemista and the perfect Greek lamb are far more positive and agreeable than most of what I engage in here with the Pope and the Holocaust.

What I want to say is a big "thank you" for all who have read these pages over the years and especially to those who have written words of positive criticism and encouragement.  I have learned that there are several education institutions that are using some of the resources here for their students.  That is the greatest thanks I can receive.  If this blog here in Australia is helping students gain greater and more accessible access to material and resources, then I am very happy.

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