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ADSS 6.10 Angelo Rotta to Maglione - anti-Jewish laws and Catholic responses

ADSS 6.10 Angelo Rotta, Hungary to Cardinal Maglione

Reference:  report number 2178/39; AES 1890/39

Location and date: Budapest, 02.04.1939

Summary statement: Bishops’ opposition to the proposed race laws.

Language: Italian


I refer to my report number 2159.1939 of 30 March (1) regarding the proposed Jewish law now being discussed in the Upper House.

In line with what I said in the report mentioned above, the day before yesterday, his Eminence Cardinal Seredi, made statements to clarify the Catholic view about this bill – especially with regard to the first paragraph – to the meeting of the Commission.  I attach an accurate summary of these statements that begin from Pester Lloyd (2).  His Excellency, Monsignor Glattfelder, bishop of Csanád (3) made a speech arguing against the racial principles upon which the law rests.

So far the discussions have come to no conclusion.  A special subcommittee was appointed to study the proposed amendments: in part the subcommittee includes His Eminence the Cardinal Primate, Bishop Glattfelder, the so-called Protestant bishop representing the seven denominations here.

The government, however, insists that the presented text has been approved, and is not willing to accept any significant changes.  The Prime Minister, Count Teleki (4) made a speech denying that the proposal gives recognition to racist theories.

It is precisely to avoid a clash or crisis with the government, given the difficult times Hungary endures, that while I believe some improvements will be introduced, they will not be substantial.

Either way, the subcommittee shall meet on 12 April to study the amendments and to try and reach an agreement with the government.  Then when the proposed law is brought to the Upper House session for discussion His Eminence Cardinal Seredi will again take the floor.  I will not fail to inform your Eminence immediately. (5)

Note of Maglione:

Add this to the preceding report and send to the Holy Father.

Note of Tardini:

19.04.1939 Returned by Holy Father.

(1) See ADSS 6.6

(2) Pester Llyod was the leading German language newspaper in Hungary. Speeches made on 31.03.1939 in German: “The Jewish law in the committees of the Upper House”.

(3) Gyula Glattfelder (1874-1943), bishop of Csanád 1911- 1943

(4) Paul Teleki (1879-1941), President of the Council of Ministers 02.1939 – 04.1941.

(5) See ADSS 6.16

 Gyula Glattfelder
Bishop of Csanád

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