Monday, April 22, 2013

Robert Ventresca's "Soldier of Christ"

I finished reading Robert Ventresca's "Soldier of Christ" a few weeks ago and was asked recently to write a review of the book for an academic journal.  I was very happy to do so.  If you have not read the book - do so.  I believe it will be the standard general biography of Pope Pius XII for some time.  Even when the ASV files for Pacelli's papacy are made available Ventresca's book will still be the most helpful English-language guide.  Coupled with Frank Coppa's slimmer, but equally well-written "The Life and Pontificate of Pope Pius XII: Between History and Controversy", historians, students and the general reader, have at their disposal an excellent resource.  

But!  Reader beware.  Ventresca treats his audience as adults and expects them to use their minds to make their own judgements.  

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