Saturday, June 23, 2012

Zenit interview with Gary Krupp - more claims

Zenit news agency, a well known conservative Catholic Rome-based media organisation published an interview with Gary Krupp, director of Pave The Way, in its 21 June 2012 edition.  The article only serves to demonstrate the ongoing reluctance of the conservative Catholic right to accept that there is more than one voice on the study of Pope Pius XII.  Krupp's latest claims are consistent with all the others he has made to date.  He has collected 76,000 pages of documentation and made it available on Pave The Way's website.  All good.  However, the other ongoing problem lies in the sleights of hand.  Much of the material has been available in the public domain for decades.  "Exciting" discoveries made by Pave The Way are usually shown to be something less than "exciting".  I have written entries on this blog over the last couple of years de-bunking many of the claims made by Mr Krupp, Pave The Way and their fellow travellers.  I do not intend to go into an in-depth analysis of the latest claims, except to ask a few questions:

1.  Where is the corroborative evidence for the claims?
2.  Where are the peer-reviewed articles in recognised journals?
3.  Where is the support from universities and institutions of higher learning?
4.  Where are the historians, academics and scholars from the mainstream universities?
5.  Why have no recognised scholars in the field of Pius XII study been part of Pave The Way projects?

I have said many times that Gary Krupp has done historians a great service in making this material available to us via his website.  I appeal, yet again, for Mr Krupp to allow us to do our job and record the history of Pope Pius XII as the material becomes available within all its manifold contexts.

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