Thursday, February 16, 2012

An interesting essay on ADSS

Now that it is back to business and getting on with history over hysteria, I came across this article by Dutch historian and journalist Frans Hoppenbrouwers, project and content manager at Foundation/Stichting  Communicates.  The organisation was founded by Fr Jan Daniel Bakkers (1918-1982), a member of the Catholic congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, with the intention of offering whatever aid he could to the Church behind the Iron Curtain.  Today the foundation works to improve and foster communication between the Eastern and Western Church.

In two posts, Hoppenbrouwers writes a thought provoking essay on the sources that historians use to analyse Pius XII.  It is a good start and I hope he continues.  Looking at ADSS he comes to the conclusion that reading ADSS gives much detail into the operations of the Vatican during the war, but does not help get us any closer to answering the question of the "silence" of Pius XII.  Taking ADSS Volume 8.184 he argues this is probably the first document that explicitly speaks of a systematic killing of Jewish civilians.  I am inclined to agree. He follows this by referencing to the growing acknowledgement of the killing process using ADSS 8.298 and 301.

As I mentioned above, I hope Hoppenbrouwers continues writing on the subject.  There is a need for greater depth in establishing context around the subject.  Referencing John Morley's excellent work is indicative of serious intent, but there are subsequent works that have built on Morley such as Michael Phayer, Susan Zuccotti, Jose Maria Sanchez, Kevin Spicer, Deborah Dwork and others.  Whether or not one agrees with their theses the fact remains that they have argued with the available material and helped deepen our knowledge.

I think the articles are worth reading.

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